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IRS® Instrument Removal System 8 pcs + Core Drills 4 pcs
IRS® Instrument Removal System 8 pcs + Core Drills 4 pcs
Clinicians Choice They Work! Retrieve Separated Instruments in Root Canal.
Core Drills remove less dentin than ultrasonic tips!
Minimal instrument exposure needed for retrieval
"The Kit Every Dental Office Should Have!"
No other Instrument/File Removal System compares to the IRS Kit
Price: $435.00

For IRS Kit sales in Germany contact our Exclusive Distributor:
Exclusivvertrieb in Deutschland: JADENT microscopes and more.
Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Anfrage!
JADENT: oder per Telefon 07361 / 37 98 0

INDY Diamond ENDO Retreatment Tip 4 Piece Kit

INDY™ Retreatment Tips

INDY Diamond Retreatment Kit includes INDY300 18mm,
INDY400 20mm, INDY500 24mm, and INDY600 21mm
Waterports — Contra Angle for Enhanced Vision

Retreatment, Access, Locating Hidden Canals

INDY tips are designed with an extended length of diamond coating for removing dentin and restorative materials along the lateral sides of the instruments. The INDY500 and INDY600 "Flex" Tips are long enough to work deep in the root canal. The INDY600 features a smaller cross-sectional diameter compared to the INDY300, INDY400, and INDY500 tips.

Price: $264.00

Tips are available individually at INDY Retreatment Tips

The OUTPOST™ Endodontic Post Removal Kit
The OUTPOST™ Endodontic Post Removal Kit
The OutPost Kit includes the following Autoclavable parts:
  • Light Weight Titanium Pliers
  • (5) Extra Strong Taps
  • (5) Trephines
  • (9) Silicone Cushion Assortment
  • (1) Torque Pin
  • (1) Set of 3 Spacers
  • System Sterilizing Tray
  • OutPost System Box
Price: $995.00

Endodontic Instruments Outpost Removal Tap # 1Endodontic Instruments Outpost Removal Tap # 2Endodontic Instruments Outpost Removal Tap # 3Endodontic Instruments Outpost Removal Tap # 4Endodontic Instruments Outpost Removal Tap # 5
Endodontic Instruments Outpost Removal Trephine # 1Endodontic Instruments Outpost Removal Trephine # 2Endodontic Instruments Outpost Removal Trephine # 3Endodontic Instruments Outpost Removal Trephine # 4Endodontic Instruments Outpost Removal Trephine # 5
Features five replacement Trephines with matching Taps compatible with The Outpost and other Post Removal Systems. Engage and remove even the most intransigent post while preserving dentition.
All Taps & Trephines are available individually - Click Here
Restorative Dental Ultrasonic Tips: TRU Margin
TRU MARGIN™ Diamond Restorative Ultrasonic Tips
TRU MARGIN™ Diamond Restorative Ultrasonic Tips

Use TRU MARGIN Restorative Tips for ultra precise prepping and fine finishing of the dentinal shoulder. The use of Tru Margin diamond coated ultrasonic instruments will enhance your preparations by creating a finer, gentler, more precise margin — a TRU Margin.

TRU MARGIN-1 (1mm x 1.4mm taper)
  • Radius preparation tip, 12mm in length.
  • Use for preparation of the dentine (chamfer shape).
TRU MARGIN-2 (1.3mm X 1.7mm taper)
  • Radius preparation tip, 12mm in length.
  • Use for preparation of the dentine and finishing the dentine (chamfer shape).
TRU MARGIN-3 (.6mm)
  • Flat shoulder preparation tip, 18mm in length.
  • Use for preparation of the shoulder shaping.
TRU MARGIN-4 (1.1mm)
  • Flat shoulder preparation tip.
  • Larger at the distal end for shoulder shaping and finishing.
  • Working length 18mm.
4 Piece Kit Price: $245.00
All TRU MARGIN Tips are available individually at Restorative Ultrasonic Tips

Double Diamond General Scaling Tip
  • Recommended for treating Supra-gingival scaling procedures.
  • Double Diamond coated for removing supra-gingival calculus.
  • More voluminous and complex supra-gingival deposits.
  • Precise Waterport for wet
    or dry use.
Price: $55.00
General Scaling Tip
  • Non-diamond coated scaling tip.
  • Recommended for Sub-gingival treatments for the removal of deposits from the accessible root surfaces of the teeth.
  • Precise waterport for wet
    or dry use.
Price: $50.00

TUFI Tip Stand for any 6 Tips: Autoclavable
TUFI Tip Stand for any 6 Tips: Autoclavable
Securely holds tips (TUFI tips shown not included)
Price: $48.00

TUFI® - Access Refinement Tips - Water Ports Kit 1-6
TUFI® - Access Refinement Tips - Water Ports Kit 1-6

Uses for TUFI® Double Diamond Coated Instruments

  • The Tufi® double diamond coated instruments are designed to be used in the access cavity, or above the pulpal floor and for finishing margins.
  • The Tufi® double diamond coated ultrasonic instruments are used for REFINING and FINISHING axial walls and line angles. (Glide Path)
  • Cleaning the pulp chamber.
  • Smoothing and finishing various restoratives.
  • De-roofing peripheral dentin and flaring orifices.
  • Eliminating internal triangles of dentin.
  • Removing caries in difficult to access areas.
  • Cut and countersink plastic carriers.
  • Various other procedures.
  • The Ultrasonic Advantage: Using ultrasonic instruments greatly enhances your vision since you have no bulky hand piece to get in the way as you do with rotary handpieces.
  • The Tufi® Double Diamond Coating is a unique and durable coating which offers resistance to sodium hypochlorite, has super efficient cutting action and has about 3X’s more diamond coverage than most competitive instruments.

Price: $375.00

All TUFI Tips  are available individually at Ultrasonics: TUFI

UFI™ Access Refinement Tips Double Diamond Coating Water Port Kit 1-6
Finishing & Refining Tips.
UFI's: The Perfect Tips for the Spartan Piezo Unit
Price: $295.00

ENDO Diamond Retreatment Tip 2-Pack
ENDO Diamond Retreatment Tip 2-Pack
2-Pk 30mm Ultrasonic tips diamond coated for abrasive cutting and durability,
removing Crowns, Bridges, Posts and the removal of difficult cement.
Diamond Coating for Micro-Abrasive Cutting
Waterports for Wet or Dry use and Reduced Heat Generation
Contra-angle Design for enhanced vision

All tips are available individually at Diamond ENDO Retreatment

Price: $110.00
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